How to get new website leads with gamification

You just created your website and hoping that every visitor will simply leave their email address on your annoying pop-ups? Well it does not work like that. You need to provide them something valuable that is really hard to resist to get their precious contact details in exchange. Humans love free things, especially when they know what you offer has a lot of value.

Most common lead magnets used by marketers are eBook download, brochures, free consultation, free audit, cost savings calculator, and promotional offers such as get free 15% discount when you subscribe to our newsletter. You will be able to see these lead magnets everywhere. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to find a unique and engaging way of collecting leads and one of the best is through the help of gamification.

A good example of this is the spin the wheel to get discounts in shopify stores. There’s also this easter egg hunting game that helps increase pageviews to a website while collecting leads. There’s also social proof signals that helps boost conversion rates, and other games such as lucky lottery, choose a random box, and many more that has a common goal at the end of each game and that is to collect user details. Web app developers keeps on finding ways how to make lead generation fun and engaging, you just need to research about this online to get more ideas and use case that you can apply for your business. If this idea is somewhat new to you, then you can look for offshoring company that offers lead generation services as they have a lot of experienced and can definitely help improve your sales.

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